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About the Boffin Factory


The Boffin Factory is an informal education initiative of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Wright State University. We learn while having fun every Thursday night. If you have any questions email us at

Final Boffin Factory of the Semester

Final Boffin Factory of the Semester - Learn about the Game Engine Unity and/or just relax before finals with Towerfall.

Make a Boffin Factory movie!

Lights,Camera, Action - its time to make a Boffin movie. Join us while we work out how to make a movie. Popcorn will be provided!

BYOP - Bring Your Own Project

This week's Boffin Factory is open for anyone to bring in any project they'd like to work on.

Python Night

Join us for a night of 2D game design. Time to design and program your own game. This week we will be taking inspirations from Analog Game Night and create a game using python.

Previous Events

Security Night

Learn what common techniques are used to gain access to a inadequately secured wireless network and learn how to secure against them. Learn about some basic tools used to make it more difficult for intruders to gain access to your network.

Taco Blender Night

Like Tacos? Like 3d? Then you'll love taco blender night in Boffin! Come learn how to use the popular 3D tool Blender while enjoying some delicious tacos (no actual blenders will be used in the making of tacos).

Linux Spring Install Fest!

Help set up an Artemis bridge? Build a better mousetrap (with lasers)? Control a robot? You can do it with Arduino! Whether you are an avid electronics hacker or if you are just happy to get through a project without electrocuting yourself, come on out and see what cool things people will come up with this year.

Linux Spring Install Fest!

Bring your laptop or desktop and learn how to dual boot Windows and Linux (we'll even help you install Linux on your system)! This will be a great help for all students in the CS/CEG program (looking at you CEG 2350 student) and is also toally cool and will definitely not make you a nerd....

Distributions that will be available this night (among others) listed in ascending difficulty for beginners...
Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, steamOS, Arch.

Let It Snow! Good Luck on Finals This Week!

From everyone in the Computer Science Department, good luck on your finals this week!

No events in the Boffin Factory (348 Russ) this week. Happy Thankgiving!

Wednesday (November 20th) join us in the Boffin Factory (348 Russ) for a fun night of 3D Printing!

This Wednesday (October 23rd) join us in the Boffin Factory (348 Russ) for a fun night of tinkering and fun as we take the night to make Boffin better!

Wednesday, October 16th, join us for a fun night of popcorn and a movie!

Wednesday, October 9th, join us for a hands on night of Wireless Security fun!

Some Links for Robot Night

For the BEOBot robot. tutorial:

For basic Arduino tutorials:

More places to learn and buy Arduino:

Previous Events

7 February 2013 - Audio night

We had a great turn out for audio night, lots of cool speakers and amps were setup and we even managed to not annoy the neighbors! Future events include a sub-woofer box design night and a crossover design night, both brought (hopefully) to you by our very own Electrical Engineering department.

31 January 2013 - Game Night!

As always game night was a success. The most voted for starship position was the tactical officer in charge of ship weapons. We also discovered an interesting (and free) diablo style game called Path of Exile that you should really check out if you are interested in dungeon crawling and crazy loot!

24 January 2013 - 3D Printing and CAD! (Computer Assisted Drafting)

Come on in to find out about how to design objects using CAD software, then turn those designs into real world things with the use of 3D printing. We will be designing our own 3D printer as an ongoing project of the Boffin Lab, and anyone interested in welcome to join the team!
We will be using FreeCAD, which is an open source sotware package for linux and windows. Since the latest beta release is more stable here is the direct link for windows:
For Ubuntu the following will install the latest update:
  1. First add the FreeCAD-daily repository:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:freecad-maintainers/freecad-daily
  2. Then:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install freecad freecad-doc

17 January 2013 - Linux Install Night

An introduction to Linux operating systems! This is a big year for Linux with Valve announcing their support for gaming on Linux via the Steam platform, as well as the Android OS (based on Linux) rapidly eating iOS's lunch in phone and tablet device sales.

Steps to be awesome:

  1. Install Ubuntu, (see Matt or someone else with a sticky note on their shirt.
  2. Install gnome 3 Code:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ssh
  3. Install graphics drivers (see sticky person again)
  4. Update ubuntu... (grab a drink or some snacks)
  5. For gaming: install steam
  6. Other cool things: programming environments:
    sudo apt-get install netbeans
    sudo apt-get install eclipse
    web server:
    sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql-client mysql-server phpmyadmin
    virtualization (lets you install windows or other OS within linux):
    sudo apt-get install virtualbox
    run (some) windows programs in linux:
    sudo apt-get install wine
Other commands to learn (type man followed by the command name): man, ls, pwd, cd, cp, mv, rm, sudo, su, apt-get, ssh, ifconfig, top, grep, tar
More info here:

22 November 2012

Have a happy Thanksgiving! No Boffin Factory this week. We'll be back on the 29th of November!

15 November 2012

Game Night! Use the poll on the right to vote for what game you want to play. Bring your laptop or desktop this time, we won't have those awesome laptops to play on. We have square monitors you can use, but if you want widescreen you'll need to bring your own. Pro-tip: Megaman Deathmatch is the best game.

08 November 2012

Movie Night! We watched Airplane and The Producers! Lots of fun and pizza was had by all.

01 November 2012

Informal Meeting. We took suggestions and recommendations for improving the Boffin Factory from students like you!

25 October 2012

University Date - 10.25.2012 : Reports are coming in of the final voyage of the U.S.S. Steve, which was completely destroyed. Earlier today the Steve's captain bravely ordered his crew to warp directly behind the Skaraan battle fleet and demand their surrender, or face the wrath of a Dreadnaught class starship. Sadly, the Skaraans failed to comply, instead turning their beams and missiles on our brave heroes. Despite the crew's best efforts the USS Steve was lost with all hands to heavy weapons fire from no less than 20 enemy spacecraft. WSU Fleet Command will be conducting an internal investigation into why the Steve's shields were never raised during the encounter, as well as a memorial service for the crew. Initial reports indicate there were no survivors to explain what lead up to this unfortunate conclusion to the U.S.S. Steve's 1 hour of exemplary service to WSU FC.

This week's Game Night was brought to you by the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) WSU Chapter.

18 October 2012

Movie Night! The votes were counted and we watched Army of Darkness and The Fog on a short projector and enjoyed free popcorn courtesy of the Electrical Engineering department. A good time was had by all!

11 October 2012 Arduino Night! was a success. Students learned to program Arduino Duo boards and play with some basic circuit layouts and also got to enjoy some cotton candy made fresh thanks to Dr. Gallagher! If you missed out on Arduino night come out some other Thursday night (or any day for that matter) and grab one off the shelf. We followed the Arduino Comic by Jody Culkin as an activity.