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Computer Science & Engineering

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science program prepares students for careers in computer systems analysis and design, programming, network administration and web site development. The Bachelor of Arts program allows for maximum flexibility of course study with fewer requirements in high level math and science. Our Graduates can pursue a wide array of careers and develop a broad understanding of multiple disciplines and the application of technology and computer in these fields.

BACS Model Programming Guide (Semester) Model Program (Semester) for MPL 4

Objectives and Outcomes


Three to five years after graduation from the BSCS program:

  • EXPERT: Graduates of the Computer Science program are employable as computing professionals and will be recognized by their employers as well-prepared for their career in computing.
  • AGILE: Graduates understand that education is a lifelong process and are well prepared for continuing studies
  • ENGAGED: Graduates demonstrate an appreciation for the professional, social, ethical, and leadership roles of computing professionals
  • APPLIED: Graduates can apply computing and software development principles to a diverse range of domains, such as analytics, data science, informatics, management, etc