College of Engineering and Computer Science - Department of

Computer Science & Engineering

Minor in Computing and Information Technology

The objective of the CIT minor is to satisfy the needs of the intelligent and responsible application of computing and information technologies to majors in fields which would not have Computer Science or Computing Engineering as their fundamental and exclusive basic orientation, but would want to benefit from the products of applications of the latter two disciplines and their proper use. The minor provides a conceptual foundation as well a practical application of various Computing and Information Technology skills.

Admission Requirements

Students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher.

Course Requirements

Required Courses:
  1. CS 1160 or CS 1180 Computer Programming I (4)
  2. CS 2160, Visual Basic Programming (3)
  3. CEG 2400, Introduction to PC Networking (3)
  4. CS 3700, Introduction to Oracle/SQL Databases (3)
  • Elective Courses:
    1. Any two CS or CEG Courses

    General Performance

    Students must attain an average GPA of 2.0 for all courses in the minor.

    Application Procedures

    To apply for a minor, please:
    1. Visit your Wings Express account.
    2. Choose the Student and Financial Aid tab
    3. Choose Registration and Records
    4. Under the Registration and Records menu choice is Major/Minor Change request.

    CIT Minor Planning Guide (Semester) CIT Minor Program Guide (Semester)