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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers a program of graduate study leading to the Education Certificate in Cyber Security Analytics. This certificate will provide business professionals with the technical foundation needed to understand cyberspace risk profiles.

Cyberspace tools and technologies enable easy and profitable access to markets, data, and ideas. These tools may be used to conduct business, create art, play games, or engage in political discourse on a global level. On a local level, we use these tools and technologies to speed analysis and move information, data, and even currency with higher efficiency than ever before imagined. Unless properly constructed and deployed, these very same tools can be co-opted to produce dangerous risk and real damage. Valuable information can be stolen, access to vital services denied, persons can be bullied or exploited, and real world resources and currency stolen with few or no traces left. It is imperative, therefore, that we fully understand the risk profiles of cyberspace technologies as they pertain to our personal and professional lives. Armed with such understanding, we can make appropriate choices consistent with our risk tolerances and use cyberspace tools comfortably and confidently. The Certificate in Cyber Security Analytics from Wright State University will provide business professionals with the technical foundation needed to understand cyberspace risk profiles.


A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Sciences or comparable technical degree from an ABET accredited institution of higher education with a minimum GPA 3.0.

To apply for admission click here and then on APPLY to submit your application as a non-degree graduate student

Once you have submitted your application and have been approved for admission, send an email to Wendy Chetcuti, Assistant to the Chair, Department of Computer Science and Engineering at and she will provide you with instructions for registering for the online Cyber Security courses.

Certificate Program

Students must complete a total of thirteen (13) credit hours. The Computer Engineering courses are:

  • CEG 6424 Security Attacks & Defenses
  • CEG 6400 Computer Networks & Security
  • CEG 6420 Host Computer Security
  • CEG 6750 Information Security

The four courses required for the Cyber Security Analytics certificate program are the four core course requirements for an MS in Cyber Security. To find out more about the MS in Cyber Security, Click here