Learning Communities

OSAA Scholars College Learning Community

The Scholars College Learning Community is a regular monthly meeting of all OSAA Scholars at Wright State. These meetings serve as a way to explore professional development and preparation for entering the STEM workforce or graduate level education, encourage social interaction among OSAA Scholars, staff and faculty, and discuss programmatic developments and STEM opportunities for OSAA scholars. Held in the early evening on campus, the Scholars Meetings include refreshments, a review of upcoming events and news relevant to the program and a featured speaker or activity. Presenters typically include representatives of regional and national STEM companies and government organizations, internship providers, human resources experts, and STEM researchers. Activities may include laboratory and industrial tours or workshops on resume preparation and interviewing skills.

First Year Experience College Learning Community

The first year experience learning community is conducted using the Wright State University College’s freshman learning community course designator (UVC 1010). Students enrolled in the course earn 1 semester-hour credit. Students meet once per week over the course of the semester with designated OSAA teaching program staff and address topics including: extracurricular STEM enrichment experiences, working with instructors and advisors, investigation of jobs available to students in their chosen STEM majors, and creation of a personal and academic plan that the student will pursue during their time in college.