College of Engineering and Computer Science - Department of

Computer Science & Engineering

Research Funding

Congratulations to our CSE Faculty for their continued great work in securing research awards!

In 2013 and 2014 the CSE faculty has received over $2,767,548 in NEW awards for 2013-2014

Arthur Goshtasby - 10/1/2013 to 12/30/2015 Fusion of Multimodal Video Systems through the DOD and AFRL for $60,332

Shaojun Wang, Amit Sheth, Keke Chen, & Junjie Zhang - 9/30/2013 to 9/26/2014 Software and Hardware Infrastructure for Energy Efficient Large Scale Complex Language Modeling through the DOD and AFOSR for $492,472

Keke Chen, Bin Wang & Prabhaker Mateti - 9/15/2013 to 8/31/2016 CUTE:Instructional Laboratories for Cloud Computing Education through the NSF for $200,000

Pascal Hitzler - 9/15/2013 to 8/31/2014 III:EAGER:Collaborite Research: Earth Cube Building Blocks - Leveraging Semantics and Linked Data for Geoscience Data Sharing and Discovery through the NSF for $74,999

Mateen Rizki , Fred Garber, and Brian Rigling- 9/1/2013 to 9/30/2014 HAPSITE ER Volatile Signature Reception through the Henry M Jackson Foundation for $484,651

Junjie Zhang - 8/5/2013 to 8/27/2014 Automatically Detecting and Analyzing Cyber-Physical System Vulnerabilities and Attack Paths through Ball Aerospace for $50,000

Shaojun Wang - 8/1/2013 to 7/31/2015 RI: Small: Developing Large Scale Distributed Syntactic, Semantic and Lexical Language Models for Machine Translation and Speech Recognition through the NSF for $304,173

Amit Sheth - 8/1/2013 to 1/31/2014 Towards Commercialization of Twitris - A System for Collective Intelligence through the NSF for $50,000

Clark Shingledecker - 7/25/2013 to 9/30/2013 Starting Wright, College Planning through Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities for $9,500

Amit Sheth, T.K. Prasad, and Raghavan Srinivasan - 7/15/2013 to 7/14/2016 Federated Semantic Services Platform for Material Sciences through AFRL and the DOD for $150,000

Michael Raymer - 7/1/2013 to 6/30/2015 Ohio Consortium for Bioinformatics through the Ohio Board of Regents for $52,000

Clark Shingledecker and John Flach - 7/1/2013 to 6/30/2014 STEM Degrees and Careers for Ohioans with Disabilities, Including Veterans: COF Scholarships in Support of NSF-Funded Regional Alliance in Disability through the Ohio Board of Regents for $647,200

Amit Sheth - 6/25/13 to 6/30/13 Student Travel for OsCS 2013 Meeting through the Information School for $1,471

Amit Sheth, T.K. Prasad, and Raghavan Srinivasan - 6/3/2013 to 6/2/2014 AFRL/RX Materials Database Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining through Alion Science and Technology for $190,000

Amit Shet - 5/8/2013 to 7/31/2013 ICWSM Travel Grant through the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence for $750